Maximizing Your Business’s Internet Performance

Your business may rely on its internet connection to be able to perform even the most basic tasks. This makes maximizing the performance of your business's internet connection essential. However, a business owner that is not very experienced with technology can fail to take advantage of some important steps.

Keep Your Network Secure

Ensuring that the network is secure will be one of the most important things that you can do for your business. There are many different ways that your internet connection can be targeted by criminals. However, there are security software suites that can be used to prevent unauthorized access to the network. For businesses that lack full-time IT staff, it is usually best to outsource the security needs of the system to a professional contractor. Individuals should appreciate that network and internet security are ongoing needs as new vulnerabilities are regularly emerging.

Schedule Major Downloads For After Business Hours

There can be a seemingly endless stream of updates that will need to be downloaded. Unfortunately, if these downloads occur during normal business hours, they could slow down the internet for the entire network. You can avoid this problem by making it a point to schedule these downloads during the overnight hours. You should avoid allowing automatic installation of these upgrades, as this will make it harder to respond to problems that may arise. Most computers will have a setting that allows for system updates to be set to download during the overnight hours. However, this can be more difficult for third-party programs as they may need to be individually set and scheduled.

Monitor The Bandwidth Needs Of Your Employees

It can be a common problem for business leaders to choose an internet package that is too weak to accommodate their specific needs. Often, this is done due to the owner failing to understand the bandwidth needs that the employees will have. One way to learn this information is to monitor the amount of bandwidth that is used by your employees. This will let you know whether they are approaching the capacity of your current internet. By upgrading to stronger internet as the usage approaches the capacity, you can avoid productivity disruptions and other performance issues. This is especially important for businesses that use VOIP phone systems, as these systems will send the signal over the internet. As a result, there could be severe sound quality issues if the internet is not strong enough. Reach out to a company that offers high speed fiber internet for business to learn more.